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Modern Auto Scrubber Cleaner Packs

Modern Auto Scrubber Cleaner PacksIntroducing a better way to manage your facility’s floor cleaning chemicals. Just like what you may use in your washing machine or dish washer, Modern’s Auto Scrub Floor Cleaner packs are designed to dissolve quickly in your scrubber’s tank during filling.
  • Inventory Control: Never Use Too Much or Too Little In A Machine.
  • No Hazardous or Damaging Degreasing Agents
  • Boxes Can Be Shipped Safely (and Inexpensively) Nationwide By Mail.
  • Eco-Friendly: No Special Disposal Process Needed For Waste Water.
  • Stores Safely Without Wasting Shelf Space.
  • Can Be Used In Any Brand or Model of Floor Scrubber, Even In A Simple Mop Bucket.
  • Leaves A Great Clean Smell!

Do The Math:

1 Gallon Jug Of Traditional Auto Scrub Cleaner Produces $1.10 Per Gallon Of Mixed Solution1 Modern Auto Scrub Pack Produces $0.07 Per Gallon of Mixed Solution!

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