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Reduce Your Business's Operational Costs Through Forklift Fleet Management

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A forklift fleet which is overdue for maintenance, improperly deployed, or underutilized costs your company thousands.

Modern Fleet Management is your partner for understanding the true costs of your forklift operations and implement targeted strategies to reduce the costs to your business. This could mean a savings of 20% on your fleet's operating expenses.

Modern's team will:
  • Study your operation's key objectives
  • Survey your facility's layout and infrastructure
  • Review your forklift fleet's maintenance history
  • Analyze your fleet's real world usage across all shifts
  • Evaluate your current dispatch and billing procedures
  • and more!

What results is a comprehensive understanding of how your forklift investment is contributing to your business's bottom line. 


From performance reports, to planned maintenance agreements, to full control of your forklift operations, Modern's Fleet Management team is here to provide the best solution for your business.


Please begin this process by completing our Fleet Fitness Form or contact me directly.

What Is Your Fleet Fitness? Take Our Survey To Find Out. 

And how can businesses measure what they cannot count?
Consider how easy it is for your Company to answer the following questions;

  • What is the optimum time to replace forklifts in specific applications at your facility, or at different facilities throughout the country?
  • What does your fleet cost your company per hour?
  • Can overall fleet cost be broken down by unit or categories that will help recognize areas of improvement before they become high cost issues?
  • Do you track costs associated with misapplication / misuse of equipment?
  • Do you track downtime costs?
  • Does your fleet's current configuration contribute to increased productivity and utilization?
  • Do you track how many pallets move through your warehouse?

Technology has advanced to the point where hour meter readings can be automatically sent to our service departments to schedule Planned Maintenance at the right time, completion of safety checklists can be mandated (before the lift can be operated), impacts, utilization and forklift speed can be tracked, and work flow can be analyzed to help warehouses move more pallets per hour.

All companies have different needs for their fleet, but we can design the right program for you. Even if your company utilizes an in-house maintenance department and are looking for help managing expenses, we have the system or technology partner to suit your needs.

Standard Fleet Products we offer locally and nationally;

Customized Planned Maintenance Programs designed around your application and requirements

  • Customized Full Maintenance (monthly rate for all required service and repairs)
  • Preferred Labor Rates
  • Fleet Parts Pricing On all Brands of Aftermarket and OEM Forklift Parts
  • Centralized Billing
  • Centralized Dispatch
  • Repair Cost Threshold Management
  • Telemetry devices from Simple hour meter readings to complex fully integrated fleet management software
  • Power by the Hour
  • Fleet Surveys
  • Fleet Consulting
  • And many more.

Begin counting now with Modern Fleet. Our local team and national network of Trained Technicians, Branch Managers, Salespeople and Product Support Reps will help manage your large or small fleet to realize significant savings.

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