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Modern is the Mid-Atlantic's PowerBoss Dealer. We carry the full range of industrial cleaning products which represent the best in durability, cost of ownership, and ease of operation on the market. From push-behind sweepers and scrubbers to remarkable ride on units, to all the cleaning chemicals you need to turn your floors brand new again, we have you covered.

Selecting the right industrial cleaning unit can be a challenge. Modern's sales specialists are here to match your operation's need to the exact unit. Whether you operate a warehouse, production facility, stadium, car dealership, hospital, school, or government facility or office building we have the cleaning solution for you. This maximizes your team's efficiency and effectiveness while keeping costs down for your company.

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Introducing The Nautilus High Dump Sweeper-Scrubber

The Cleaning Performance You Expect, The Versatility You Need.

The brand new High Dump configuration from PowerBoss® takes the exceptional cleaning capability of the Nautilus Series to the next level.

When your work is done the collection hopper can be raised up to 60-inches to accommodate dumping of waste water and dirt into a receptacle while the unit is at a neutral height. No loading dock or elevated position needed. The unit comes with an optional backup camera to make positioning next to a dumpster that much more efficient.

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The Collector and Apex series combine to provide a full range of s weepers. The Collector series walkbehinds give a range of a 26” manual model and a 34” model with choice of battery or gasoline power for your smaller sweeping needs. The Apex series of riders offers large 47” to 58” sweep paths with battery, LP and gasoline options for larger applications.
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Armadillo series offers a quality, cost effective sweeper that will provide years of consistently reliable ser vice. Manufactured to a heavy-equipment design criteria, it meets the most rigorous of cleaning requirements. The New Atlas sweeper is the result of market driven needs, state of the art design and manufacturing expertise.
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Combination sweeper/scrubbers are the ultimate solution in efficiency. The Commander C82 & C90 are complete sweeper/scrubbers that provides aggressive scrubbing power and sweeping at the same time. The Commander T82 & T90 are total sweeper/scrubbers, giving the operator the ability to hydraulically high dump heavy debris while aggressively scrubbing.
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The NAUTILUS is a high capacity model that is easy to maneuver, provides heavy duty cleaning results with extended cleaning run time. The Monitor Series Double Scrubbers efficiently and effectively scrub floors twice in one pass. Their compact size provides for excellent maneuverability when working in congested or high-traffic areas.
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The Phoenix machines form PowerBoss’ innovative and industrial walkbehind scrubber series. With advanced technology and new green clean features, these scrubbers have been engineered to change the way you clean floors. It’s scrubbing, reinvented.

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The Admiral Series rider scrubbers provide a great solution for everyday scrubbing. These compact workhorses get the job done quickly and efficiently. The operator rides in complete comfort, cutting down on fatigue and increasing productivity.

Why PowerBoss?


PowerBoss's Blue initiatives meet or exceed environmental green cleaning standards specific to industrial applications and environments. A few Blue hallmarks are water conservation, clean air, clean energy, lower chemical reliance, lower emissions and a safer work environment.


These orange-colored machines are designed to be seen and easy to detect to help keep the work environment safer. The check mark featured on all our machines ensure that each piece of equipment has been safety and quality checked.


Aqua-Stop Technology is a thin rubber strip surrounding brushes which reduces water and chemical consumption. This translates into economic gains for customers as well as environmental benefits to display the overall effectiveness of Aqua-Stop.

LEED Certified

Many PowerBoss technologies such as AquaStop technology, AquaSaver technology, adjustable operator handles, ergonomics, decibel ratings among other features that may contribute to LEED or LEED-EBOM points.

Cleaning Chemicals and Auto Scrubber Cleaner Packs

What are the true operating costs for your scrubber? It can greatly depends on how your company gets its cleaning chemicals.

The three core PowerBoss® Cleaning Chemical Formulas utilize five distinct delivery options ranging from premixed concentrate in jugs, to concentrated drums, to mixable POWERBULK super concentrates. Each is a perfectly reasonable solution. However, when you do some back of the envelope calculations you can see for yourself that there are tremendous savings your company can take advantage of with POWERBULK.

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You Can Reduce Your Cleaning Chemical Costs By Over 70% By Choosing POWERBULK. 


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