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The Reasons Why Modern is Your Preferred Training Partner

  • Reduce your insurance cost
  • Lower your worker's compensation expenses
  • Lower liability exposure
  • Lower product damage and improve equipment performance
  • Increase cycle times with proper training
  • Improve equipment performance by expanding operator knowledge
  • Meet OSHA 29CFR 1910.178 guidelines and ANSI B56.1 standards

 Operator Training

OSHA and industry standards require
operator and mechanical training on most
access and material handling equipment.
At Modern we provide complete customized
training sessions on all  of our equipment
lines and for other manufacturers' products.

Available Classes
 Includes classroom training, hands-on exercises, and student training manuals 

  • Operator Training- All types of Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT), Rough Terrain Forklifts, and almost all Earthmoving Equipment
  • Train the Trainer- All types of Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT), Rough Terrain Forklifts, and almost all Earthmoving Equipment. Allows you to develope your own in-house trainer  

  • Compliance Training for Operators (ANSI/SIA A92.3, A92.5, & A92.6)  
  • Call about Technician Training 1-800-8-MODERN
  • OSHA Reg. 1910.178, Section L  
  • Specialized Operator Training on Electrical Warehouse Products: Narrow Aisle Order Pickers, Walkie/ Walkie Riders, Operator Up / Turret Trucks, Aerial Work Platforms
  • Please call to learn more about customized training programs to meet your fleet requirements
  • Most Classes offered in Spanish

Modern's Power Systems / Generac Technical Training Classes Available

Looking For Generac Generator Training?

Contact Allison Armstrong: Email:

  • Air Cooled Training Class: 2 Days
  • Commercial: Liquid-Cooled Gaseous Commercial Product
    60Kw and Below: 2 Days

Upcoming Forklift Training Classes

1/4/2017 Forklift Training Edison
1/5/2017 Forklift Training Bristol
1/9/2017 Spanish Forklift Training Edison
1/10/2017 Forklift Training Reading
Jan 19-20, 2017 Train The Trainer Edison
Jan 26-27, 2017 Train The Trainer Bristol
2/1/2017 Forklift Training Edison
2/2/2017 Forklift Training Bristol
2/6/2017 Spanish Forklift Training Edison
2/7/2017 Forklift Training Reading
Feb 21-22, 2017 Train The Trainer Edison
Feb 27-28, 2017 Train The Trainer Bristol
3/1/2017 Forklift Training Edison
3/2/2017 Forklift Training Bristol
3/6/2017 Spanish Forklift Training Edison
3/7/2017 Forklift Training Reading
Mar 23-24, 2017 Train The Trainer Edison
Mar 30-31, 2017 Train The Trainer Bristol
4/3/2017 Forklift Training Edison
4/4/2017 Forklift Training Bristol
4/10/2017 Spanish Forklift Training Edison
4/11/2017 Forklift Training Reading
Apr 21-22, 2017 Train The Trainer Edison
Apr 27-28,2017 Train The Trainer Bristol
5/1/2017 Forklift Training Edison
5/2/2017 Forklift Training Bristol
5/8/2017 Spanish Forklift Training Edison
5/9/2017 Forklift Training Reading
May 18-19, 2017 Train The Trainer Edison
May 25-26, 2017 Train The Trainer Bristol
6/1/2017 Forklift Training Edison
6/2/2017 Forklift Training Bristol
6/12/2017 Spanish Forklift Training Edison
6/13/2017 Forklift Training Reading
June 22-23, 2017 Train The Trainer Edison
June 29-30, 2017 Train The Trainer Bristol

Reduce Cost with Training
Your costs are reduced when operators are properly trained on the equipment they are operating, as they will have a better understanding of exactly how to run the machine and what the machine's capabilities are. This knowledge avoids costly mistakes that are common when operators assume a machine can perform a task that it may not have been designed to do. When operators understand how to properly operate and maintain a machine, the equipment receives better care thus protecting your investment, and not to mention increasing its longevity and operates more efficiently.
 Equipment Operator Training
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