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Forklift Batteries

Modern is here to make sure your company maximizes its forklift battery investment. We go beyond simply supplying your operation with quality equipment. No matter the forklift brand of choice, our team brings industry leading resources and expertise to analyze:

  • The Health of Each Battery
  • Charge Cycle Performance
  • The Total Utilization of The Forklift Fleet
  • Charging Infrastructure Status
  • and More

This review will also flag any potential EPA and OSHA/ANSI violations.


We can then present you with a comprehensive battery maintenance plan covering the needs of your entire fleet.

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Complete Review of Your Fleet’s Operation
We perform a total analysis of your fleet to determine the most efficient use of your equipment and your employee’s time. Everything from number of batteries per shift to function per charger. The result is a clear picture of how your equipment is being utilized and what that is costing you.

Battery Condition Inspections
We measure and track the condition of every battery in your operation to proactively catch issues before they turn into costly repairs. We inspect:

  • Cell Voltage
  • Specific Gravity
  • Electrolyte Level
  • Vent Plug Inspection
  • Cable and Connectors
  • Watering System
  • Charging Stations

Scheduled Maintenance
We coordinate service utilizing an extensive network of certified technicians. All service completed at your facility conforms to EPA and DOT regulations. Battery disposal is handled in an environmentally responsible manner. You will never need to worry about:

  • Waste water disposal
  • Discharge permits
  • Expensive equipment purchases and maintenance
  • Dedicated floor space
  • Expensive employee training
  • Extensive battery downtime
  • Contamination of surface water, ground water and soil

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