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Modern is the premier forklift dealer and service organization in the Mid-Atlantic. Our team is focused on providing the best material handling solution for your organization.

This starts with a meticulous survey and analysis of your facility and operation. We focus on the exact application demands and will present you with a comprehensive plan to address not only your current needs but help prepare you for future growth. The results are increased productivity, minimized operational costs and as greater understanding of your utilization.

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We Are Proud to Carry Forklifts From:

  • Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, a global industry leader in material handling and construction products.
  • CLARK Material Handling, which created the world’s first internal combustion powered industrial truck.
  • Carer Electric Forklift Trucks, experienced leaders in developing high performance large capacity electric lift trucks.
  • Big Joe, electric lift trucks which are designed for simplicity, ease of use and reliability.
  • Konecranes Lift Trucks, a leading manufacture for bulk handling operations specifically in container terminals and port operations.
  • BYD Forklift, the first forklift line in the North American market with a revolutionary iron phosphate battery. It brings unheard of utilization capability and low cost of ownership for an electric lift truck.

Each line provides industry leading innovations and are dedicated to customer satisfaction. 


HyundaiWith impressive design, construction and standard features Hyundai’s range of electric, gas, and diesel forklifts deliver unrivaled capability, comfort, and value.

Narrow AisleElectricIC CushionIC PneumaticDiesel

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Clark ForkliftsThe brand that started it all. For the past nine decades, CLARK has been one of the industry’s most progressive and responsive manufacturers, continuously seeking innovative ways to improve product, expand service and provide value to its customers. CLARK continues to be an industry leader with innovative product development, including safety features such as the operator restraint system, pioneered by CLARK and adopted as a standard feature on all forklift trucks. We also carry the full range of manual pallet jacks from CLARK.

Narrow AisleElectricIC CushionIC Pneumatic

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Carer Electric Forklift Trucks

Carer Electric Forklift Trucks

The Advantages of Choosing Carer

CarerWith almost 40 years of experience in designing, developing and making large-capacity electric forklift trucks, Carer can offer products that, thanks to their excellent performance, considerable operating time and savings in terms of running and energy costs, represent a valid alternative to internal combustion forklift trucks.

In the niche market of equipment used to handle extremely heavy loads, where most of the big manufacturers can only offer internal combustion machines, Carer is one of the very few companies in the world that can provide optimal solutions to this specific kind of handling method with forklift trucks operated exclusively with electric means.

Why Choose an Electric Forklift Truck Made by Carer?

In short, Carer’s electric forklift trucks offer all the benefits associated with using electric technology without affecting top performance levels and long operating time.

  • No harmful emissions for the environment and worker health
  • Less vibrations and noise
  • Greater energy efficiency compared with internal combustion engines
  • Lower running costs

Reducing Running Costs

Buying one of Carer’s forklift trucks means investing now and saving money in future. As a matter of fact, considering that the cost of purchasing a forklift truck only accounts for a minimal amount on the overall running costs of the machine, it is even easier to understand how much money an electric forklift truck saves you.

By investing more in the financial part associated with the purchase or rental of one of Carer’s forklift trucks, there are considerable savings on future running costs.

Big Joe

Big Joe Forklifts

Big Joe electric forklifts have been the standard of quality for over 60 years in factories, warehouses and store-rooms across the USA and around the world.

Big Joe walkie stackers, pallet trucks, and order pickers are well known for their rugged easy to use designs that provide a low cost alternative to traditional sit down forklifts.

Big Joe electric forklifts are proudly distributed through one of the largest networks of professional forklift sales and service providers in North America.

With outstanding product support and service capabilities we can tailor our vehicles to specifically fit a variety of industrial, commercial, and retail uses which maximizes utility and thus value for our customers.

Added to this approach is our history of low maintenance costs and reliability which make Big Joe electric forklifts one of the very best equipment choices for companies looking to secure the lowest total cost of ownership

Big Joe AC Series Big Joe Classic Series Big Joe Basic Series 

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Konecranes Lift Trucks

Konecranes Lift TrucksModern lift trucks with painstakingly-selected components and a fuel-efficient engine that delivers high torque even at low rpm. Konecranes offers tailor-made reach stacker solutions for a variety of industries—steel, wind energy, nuclear and oil & gas, as well as traditional and intermodal terminals. They have also delivered the world’s largest reach stacker for barge handling. These innovative solutions are designed to simplify your work. The operating cabs are some of the best on the market in terms of visibility, ergonomic design and comfort. The cab is designed with the operator in mind. Learn More

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BYD Forklift

BYD ForkliftModern is the exclusive dealer for BYD Forklifts across the Mid-Atlantic.

In short, there is simply nothing on the market which compares to lift trucks from BYD. At the core of this remarkable design is a revolutionary power source. Every BYD Forklift utilizes an iron phosphate battery, the same technology as what is powering your cell phone and laptop right now.

This is not an insert or replacement battery for your existing forklift. This technology is part of the exclusive BYD forklift package. By designing the entire unit to work as one 

BYD Forklift ChargingThe battery is housed in an enclosed case which is designed to never need to be opened or removed. It has gone through extensive abuse testing from drops, to punctures, to extreme vibrations, to being grilled on an open flame. The results are the same: no runaway thermal reaction, they do not rupture, the do not harmful gases: the units remain stable and safe for proper disposal by certified technicians.

There is no need for watering, no need for swapping, no need for venting, no fear of fumes or corrosion. When you need to charge the unit you simply plug-in to the side charging port like you would a cell phone. After just 30 minutes you will have over 90 minutes of operational charge.

By leaving outdated lead-acid batteries behind you suddenly transform almost everything about your material handling operation. From truck performance, to infrastructure, to safety and cost of ownership. Learn More

Forklifts by BYD

What Does a BYD Forklift Deliver?

  • Dramatically Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • 100% Waterless Battery
  • 10-Year Battery Warranty
  • Hours of Additional Operation on Single Charge
  • Fully Recharged In 90 Minutes
  • Dramatically Improved Battery Safety:
    • No Heating
    • No Venting
    • No Corrosion

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