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APS Resources – Aftermarket Solutions For Warehousing

APS Resource has a variety of service parts for the major dock leveler and restraint manufacturers, as well as universal parts to service virtually all dock leveler brands.


Ramps & Portable Plates

Yard Ramps, Wheel Risers and Portable Plates are a practical and economical solution for low to medium traffic docks or for applications with non-standard freight handling needs!

  • Portable Plates – Your solution to costly or unsafe leveling solutions for powered & heavy-duty applications.
  • Steel Yard Ramps – Designed to facilitate freight handling, these portable steel Yard Ramps can be rolled anywhere in your yard where you need fast freight handling. Away from the dock, steel Yard Ramps can eliminate bottlenecks caused by trailers that must remain in your yard due to full docks. It can also be used for railcars. The operator utilizes a self-contained, double acting hydraulic pump to adjust the unit to the proper position. Open steel grating provides excellent traction while preventing build-up of snow, water or debris. 
  • Wheel Risers – Avoid unsafe or inefficient loading where your dock is too high for trailers.

Dock Impact Barrier™

The APS Dock Impact Barrier™ is a proven safety product that helps reduce the occurrence of dock accidents resulting from fork trucks, pallet jacks, and pedestrians falling off the dock when the overhead door is open. The APS Dock Barrier’s lower impact barrier bar is constructed of 9/16″-thick steel cable inside a flexible fiberglass rail that is capable of stopping a 10,000 lb fork truck moving at 4 mph. The highly visible yellow nylon webbing provides an additional visual barrier at the dock.

The APS Dock Impact Barrier™ is a manually operated gate style barrier. When dock use is required, the APS Dock Impact Barrier™ is opened by releasing the latch and lifting the gate into an upright position with very little effort. 

Safety & Lighting Products

Lasting and economical solutions to safeguard loading dock personnel and warehouses against accidents and damage from poor lighting or poor communication between truck driver and dock workers. Dock lights are offered in many sizes and variations to meet your needs. Our line of safety products has been developed to solve multiple safety concerns at your facility.

Protective Systems

Eliminate avoidable costly repairs to your building, stationary plant equipment and fixtures, in your warehouse and at your loading dock.

  • FLEX-BACK™ Panel– is the answer to common lower door panel damage, which is one of the most frequent and costly maintenance problems in today’s busy warehouses.

  • Sentry Rail High – visibility and structural integrity provide needed protection throughout your facility.

  • Trak-Sentry & Z-Guard – Your solution to overhead door track repairs caused by lift trucks during loading.

  • Bollards – offer protection for loading docks, door jams and other in-plant areas susceptible to a moving vehicle collision.

  • Column Protectors – stop serious structural damage to I-beams and columns from lift truck impacts.

  • Bumpers – provide maximum protection against vehicle damage to the dock leveler, building walls, restraint and seals/shelters.

  • Wheel Guide – directs the truck into the correct position at your dock.

  • Visual Barriers – provide an ecnomical alternative to enhance loading dock safety

  • Section Saver™ – stops overhead doors from drifting down into the door opening and into the way of the forklift masts.

  • Security Gates – secure receiving doors, doorways, garage and service doors, hallways and entrance ways without sacrificing visibility or air circulation.

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