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Modern Equipment & Supply is rolling out a new program for our service department to present you with even more clarity and value when you bring in your machine to be handled by an authorized Bandit dealer. Our goal is to give you clear information right up front: what are all the steps our factory trained techs are doing and what it will cost, all up front!

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  • Change Engine Oil
  • Replace Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Hyd. Filter, Inner and Outer Air Filters 
  • Check Serpentine Belt (tension and alignment) 
  • Blow out Radiator
  • Fill Radiator
  • Grease all lube points
  • Installation of New Blades and Mounting Hardware  
  • Remove, Inspect, and Check Torque on Upper Shear Bar
  • Adjust Anvil and Flip If Necessary
  • Check Belts and Clutch, Adjust as Required
  • Grease All Lube Points
  • Wash Unit
  • Lunette Ring
  • Safety Chains
  • Break away switch
  • Test Running Light, Break Lights, Turn Signals
  • Test/Inspect Brakes
  • Winch Function/Cable
  • Inspect Tires
  • Safety Decals 
  • Check Clutch Torque
  • Drive Belts
  • Bearings
  • Axle: Check Pivot Points, Torsion Bushing, Leaf Springs.
  • Inspect for Cracks/Missing Hardware/Wear Points
  • Check Autofeed Function
  • Main Hyd. Pressures Tested
  • Wash Unit


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