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Avant Compact Loaders and Attachments

Modern is proud to offer the revolutionary all in one loaders and attachments from Avant Tecno USA exclusively at our New Jersey branches. These machines feature:

  • Superior build quality
  • Innovative design for ease of operation and unsurpassed capacity versus GVW ratios
  • Supreme versatility with support for over 100 attachments available.
  • Low cost of ownership
  • The best return on investment of any similar machine on the market today

An Avant is the perfect investment for professional landscapers, arborists, general contractors and building managers to tackle everything from excavation, rough terrain material handling, construction and snow removal.

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 Avant Compact Loaders From Modern Provide:

  • Versatility¬†– With over 100 available attachments, one unit does it all
  • Cost efficient¬†– Enjoy the benefits of fewer wearableparts and lower fuel and maintenance costs ¬†
  • Better steering¬†– Front ride articulation provides better visibility while steering and more precise attachment control¬†
  • Low GVW and ground pressure¬†– Low impact on lawn and delicate surfaces while hydrostatic¬†drive with traction lock provide excellent terrainability
  • Ergonomic design¬†– ¬†Easy and safe car-like side entry¬†with heated suspension seats available
  • Telescopic boom comes standard¬†– Enjoy maximum reach and excellent stability
  • Operator safety¬†–¬†360-degree cabin view provides operator with excellent jobsite visibility

Each Avant Supports Additional Attachments Through A Universal Skid Steer Mounting Plate.

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 Avant 200 Series

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Light Yet Powerful Loader for Small Commercial or Residential Applications

  • Articulated loader ‚Äď perfect for gardening and ground care
  • Easy to drive and safe to use
  • Multi purpose wide range of attachments available for all-year-round use
  • Most advantageous articulated Avant loader
  • Hydraulic system for professional use
  • Safety canopy and roof as a standard

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 Avant 200 Series

 Avant 400 Series

 Avant 400 Series

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The newest AVANT model, the 400 series has a very important role in Avant loader program. 

It is a machine that the customers have been asking for: a compact, economical multi purpose loader with diesel or petrol engine that has enough power to tackle the jobs all year round. 

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 Avant 420

 Avant 500 Series

Avant 500 Series

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AVANT‚Äės long standing experience and strong emphasis on product development is clearly visible in the 500 series. The operating characteristics, power and user friendliness of the 500 will meet all your working requirements.¬†

We have taken operators needs into account and have improved and developed:

  • Working efficiency and maneuverability
  • Versatility
  • Ergonomics
  • Safety

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 Avant 528

 Avant 600 Series

 Avant 600 Series

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  • Size – enough to handle heavier loads
  • Smoothness ‚Äď does not damage lawns, pavings and other sensitive surfaces
  • Efficiency ‚Äď both for lifting and attachments
  • Maneuverability ‚Äď always needed when working in the yards and gardens
  • Power ‚Äď is useful in any work
  • Versatility ‚Äď you can do the job by using just one machine

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 Avant 635

 Avant 640

 Avant 700 Series

Avant 700 Series

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Benefit from improved load handling capabilities with a lift capacity of up to 3,100 lb. They can tackle larger jobs than smaller AVANT models, without losing one familiar AVANT feature: smoothness of operation. 

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Avant 750


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