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Bandit 1425 Beast® Horizontal Grinder | Modern Equipment & Supply

The Model 1425 is Bandit Industries’ most compact horizontal grinder available! This unit condenses the essence of The Beast® into a compact package that can be towed by a pickup truck! The Model 1425 features the same downturning cuttermill, saw-style cutterbodies and teeth options as the larger Bandit horizontal grinders. And it is as versatile – able to quickly process tree branches, brush, sawmill tailings, logs and pallet waste!


  • Massive Throat Opening-This machine features a large opening for such a compact unit, allowing for large material to be processed
  • Unique Downturning Cuttermill-The Beast’s unique cuttermill turns downward, working with gravity and the feedwheel roller to grind material
  • Maneuverable and Towable-The compact size of the 1425 means it can fit into tight spots, and can be towed by a pickup truck – semi not required!
  • Color Max Compatible– Bandit’s Color Max system creatures beautiful mulch using less water and colorant than the competition
  • Changeable Screens to Help Size Material-Operators can select a screen to help correctly size the material on the first pass – saving time and money
  • Diesel or Electric Engine Options Available– Choose either a standard diesel engine or opt for an electric motor and turn
    your 1425 into a stationary mulching machine for sawmills or lumber yards


Every feature on the 1425 is designed to maximize the production from this compact package. The patented downturning cuttermill works with gravity and the feedwheel to control material. Special cutterbodies correctly size material as it’s fed into the machine, saving on wear and tear while increasing production. And the replaceable screens let operators choose a spec. All these features are present on the larger Bandit horizontal grinders – and they’re all available on the 1425 too!


The Model 1425 can process a wide variety of materials, from tree brush and even some whole trees to sawmill tailings, logs and pallet waste. The end product can then be turned into beautiful colored mulch with the Color Max system! Operators can fine tune their end product by choosing from unique cutterbodies and tooth options, so the end product can be perfect every time.


Just because the Model 1425 is capable of being towed with a pickup truck doesn’t mean it’s light duty. Bandit designed and built this machine every bit as tough as its larger horizontal grinders. This means all-steel welded construction. Superior components sourced from the best vendors. And it features the same factory-based support our customers have come to appreciate.

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