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ClearCap™ – Removable Forklift Rain Guard

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Attaching cardboard or plywood to the overhead guards of your forklifts may seem like a quick and simple fix for rainy days like this. However, not only do these solutions not provide proper operator protection they also violate OSHA rules because they obstruct visibility to the load, especially at height.

Modern can provide a quick, simple, affordable, and universal solution which can help keep operators comfortable while complying with safety regulations: The ClearCap™ 

The ClearCap™ design is simple yet very effective. UV grade polycarbonate is molded into a cover which has a low profile dome in the viewing area along with ribs and gutters. These molded features keeps water from pooling and blurring the operator’s vision and eliminates cascading water during maneuvers.

The basic concept is to keep the operator dry and comfortable while providing outstanding visibility and safety. Forklift Operators will be less likely to rush their work unsafely in an attempt to beat bad weather. Benefiting both safety and productivity while eliminating potential OSHA fines for blocking the operators view with shrink-wrap, cardboard or plywood. 

ClearCaps™ are tough, rigid and extremely clear. They utilize the same grade of polycarbonate chosen for riot gear and machinery safety shields. The product is offered in clear and a 20% tint for those working outside in bright sunlight.

Both the clear and tinted version block 100% of UV light transmission protecting worker from long-term UV exposure risks. ClearCaps™ offer significant protection regardless of the weather conditions.

The units mount simply with cam lock buckles and nylon straps. There is no drilling or tapping required and installation takes only seconds. They come in a variety of sizes to fit forklifts of any make or model.

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