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Dock Equipment

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Vehicle Restraints

One of the most common causes of dock accidents are vehicles which are not properly secured before loading. Kelley offers a full line of vehicle restraints and automatic wheel restraints that can make loading and unloading all kinds of vehicles safer for your workforce.

Vehicle Restraints

To effectively prevent dock accidents such as premature vehicle departure, vehicle creep (dock walk) and vehicle landing gear collapse, you need a Kelley vehicle restraint. Available in both mechanical and powered models, Kelley STAR® restraints and the unique Kelley Hidden Hook are at the forefront of technology, bringing you design simplicity, the fewest moving parts, minimal maintenance and easy operation.
  •  STAR® 1 Vehicle Restraint – A manually-operated restraint that offers excellent performance and value.
  • STAR® 1 Vehicle Restraint with TRUK ALERT® – Is the STAR 1 with the addition of manually activated LED interior/exterior communication lights.
  • STAR® 2 Vehicle Restraint – An exceptional value offering manual operation plus Kelley’s exclusive sensor bar and the industry’s most effective communication system.
  • STAR® 4 Vehicle Restraint – Offers a higher level of automation and convenience with a powered restraining arm that raises and lowers automatically at the touch of a button; and a programmable logic controller (PLC) that offers more flexibility to meet the evolving needs of your facility.
  • HIDDEN HOOK™ Recessed Vehicle Restraint – A hydraulically actuated, recessed, non-impact vehicle restraint ideal for new construction or remodeling applications.
  • APS 2000 Vehicle Restraint – The APS 2000™ is a superior, impact-style vehicle restraint

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Wheel Restraints

For trucks with lift gates, damaged rear impact guards, or unconventional trailer configurations, traditional restraints just won’t work. That’s why Kelley offers reliable wheel restraints to secure virtually any truck or vehicle configuration, assuring safe, efficient loading dock operations.
  •  Manual Surface Chock Wheel Restraint – An above-ground mounted, manually operated, cost-effective and versatile wheel restraint solution capable of engaging and restraining the wide range of trailers at the dock.
  • SURFACE CHOCK™ Surface-Mounted Restraint – An above-ground mounted, hydraulic operated wheel chocking system designed to operate under the most extreme weather conditions
  • AUTO CHOCK® In-Ground Restraint – An in-ground, automatic wheel chocking system that effectively restrains trailers with a hydraulically operated, moving wheel chock
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TKO® Dock Doors

Damaged dock doors are a common problem for most busy loading docks and drain valuable resources that affect your bottom line.TKO pioneered the impact-resistant door to address lost productivity & maintenance costs associated with damage to conventional overhead and sectional doors. Since 1994, companies have installed thousands of TKO doors to reduce damage, maintain production, and provide a safer working condition at the loading dock.TKO offers the broadest line of impactable dock doors in the industry. High wind load conditions, temperature controlled environments or just plain abuse, there is a TKO door suited to your dock.


Kelley Seals & Shelters

Kelley Dock Seals and Dock Shelters are specifically designed to keep your loading dock safe, dry and energy efficient.
  • Dock Seals – keep the elements out for a safe and productive loading dock
  • Dock Shelters – help keep the elements out while also providing full trailer access for a safe and productive loading dock
  • Inflatable Seals & Shelters – provide greater flexibility and a positive seal for improved dock safety, energy efficiency and improved loading dock environmental control
  • Rail Shelters – protect products and goods from the elements during the transition between the loading dock and railway cars
  • AquaShield® Rain Sealing System – keeps external moisture out of the loading/unloading area using an ingenious “wiper” pad
  • HINGE GUARD™ Dock Shelter System – specially designed to close off trailer hinge gaps while not restricting trailer access

Lift Products

Kelley HULK® Lift Products help increase productivity and employee safety with innovative, cost-effective solutions to the unique challenges associated with moving products in the plant and warehouse and on the loading dock. Kelley HULK Dock Lifts make your loading docks 100% accessible, allowing you to move products safely and easily. Kelley HULK In-Plant Lift Products increase productivity, profitability and employee safety by effectively automating a variety of simple tasks and bringing the work to the worker.
  • Dock Lifts – make your dock 100% accessible, allowing you to move products safely and easily in a wide variety of dock applications
  • In-Plant Lifts – increase productivity, profitability and employee safety by bringing the work to the worker
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