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Dock Levelers

Modern Warehouse Integrated Systems offers a number of dock leveler solutions from Kelley Entrematic.

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Edge-of-Dock Levelers

Edge-of-Dock LevelersKelley Edge-of-Dock Levelers are platforms mounted to the edge of a building wall to assist loading and unloading of trailers in a limited working range and can be operated manually, using an air bag system, or hydraulically.

  • Open lug-style front lip hinge for superior strength
  • Tire laminated dock bumpers for superior protection
  • Reduced crown and extended beveled lip for superior transition
  • Reduced lifting force (mechanicals) for superior operation and safety
  • EZ-Hang installation tabs to simplify install and ensure proper alignment 

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Mechanical Dock LevelersWith premium features such as single point adjustment extension spring counterbalance, unlimited float hold-down, and an integral maintenance strut & lip support latch, our Mechanical Leveler offers the industry a proven design for maximum efficiency and performance.

Design Highlights

  • New! Exclusive SafeTFrame® Design
  • Single Adjustment Point Extension Spring Counterbalance
  • Unlimited Float Hold-down
  • Automatic Lip Extension
  • High Tensile Steel Lip, Deck & Beams
  • Open Subframe Design
  • Structural Steel Safety Legs
  • Working Range Toe Guards
  • Below-dock Endloading Capability
  • 16″ Lip Standard
  • Grease Fittings
  • Integral Maintenance Strut & Lip Support Latch
  • Heavy-duty B410-14F Dock Bumpers
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Air-Powered Dock Levelers

Air-Powered Dock LevelersThe Kelley airForce Technology™ series offers safe, simple design, easy maintenance, few moving parts, all at an affordable price – and now features proprietary airDefense® technology.  Get the first dock leveler powered by the established reliability of air bag lifting technology with the first choice of warehouse operations worldwide.

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Kelley offers the best hydraulic dock levelers in the industry. Standard features like premier lug-style lip hinges, simplified hydraulics, internal velocity fuses, and modified open subframe designs make Kelley hydraulic dock levelers the preferred equipment choice.

  • HP Hydraulic Dock Leveler – Provides automatic hydraulic operation with a single push-button activation and a mechanically activated lip. 
  • HK Hydraulic Dock Leveler – Provides full hydraulic operation with single push-button activation. 
  • HHC Series Heavy Capacity Hydraulic Dock Leveler – Ideal for the paper, auto and steel industries or any applications moving a large volume of heavy loads. 
  • VERSADOCK™ Hydraulic Dock Leveler – Designed to be a full 9′ wide allowing the flexibility to handle conventional loads as well as high-cube (low boy) below-dock end loading at the same dock position.

Vertical Dock Levelers

Vertical Dock LevelersMaintaining a clean, efficient warehouse environment is critical for a growing number of companies operating climate-controlled facilities. Our Vertical Storing Dock Levelers directly contribute to environmental efficiency, security and cleanliness — allowing you to take control of your warehouse.

  • VSL Vertical Storing Dock Leveler – for unequaled environmental control along with safe, secure performance 
  • HRL Hydraulic Rail Leveler – ideal solution to increase efficiency during rail car loading operations


Energy GuardProvides a superior perimeter seal along the sides and rear of the dock leveler to prevent energy loss.

  • Simple and Effective Design: No parts or assemblies installed under the dock leveler or on the pit floor.
  • Long-term Durability: No fabric exposed to the face of the loading dock wall which is easily torn and damaged by trailers and debris.
  • Expanded Sealing Range: Effective perimeter seal (sides and back) up to 9” above dock level.
  • No Maintenance Required: Seal assemblies rotate during operation rather than scrape the pit wall – no scheduled maintenance
  • Easy Pit Access: Unrestricted access to pit for cleaning and dock leveler inspection. No curtains or fabric blocking access to the dock leveler and pit.
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