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Kelley WAVE™ High Volume Low Speed Fan

HVLS FansHVLS fans don’t just move air, they circulate efficiency and positively impact many factors in your facility. The gentle mass of air or the “floor jet” balances the internal environment by creating a more even temperature, protecting product integrity, avoiding potential spoilage and increasing employee comfort. The even coverage provided by a Kelley WAVE fan works to reduce moisture in the air which helps to keep your floors drier and safer for your employees.

Design Highlights Include:

  • 5-Blade Design – Patent-pending blade design optimizes airflow by increasing lift – Vertical support increases rigidity and strength – Up to 70% efficiency in reverse
  • Remote – Digital touch screen with numerical pass code protection offering floor level diagnostics with a CAT5 E low voltage connection.
  • Winglet – Specifically designed for stationary rotary airfoil operating at slow speeds (patent-pending). Maximizes efficiency of airfoil by reducing induced drag while vortices are generated below the airfoil, directing turbulence away from the trailing blade. Molded high density polyethylene (HDPE) for extreme durability.
  • Frame and mounting hardware – Aesthetically pleasing frame cover allows for a wider range of applications. Single axis mount decreases potential fan movement while maintaining low torque transfer. Mount self-levels on pitched sloped roofs for easy installation.
  • Hub and strut assembly – Patent-pending M3 strut design adds strength and rigidity to improve fan performance. Multi-piece aluminum hub distributes the load across the hub assembly. Three point safety connection system providing redundant safety.
  • VFD Assembly – High efficiency Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), in line fusing with disconnect. VFD mounted outside swept area of the blades. Supplied with 25’ of 14 gauge SO cable (pre-wired to motor) from the factory. Easy integration for networking or integration into fire suppression panels.
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iFAN™ Networked HVLS Industrial Fan System

HVLS Industrial Fan SystemiFAN allows customers to maximize the benefit of their HVLS fans by enabling centralized fan control. Having already revolutionized the HVLS industry with networked controls, iFAN takes things to the next level with specialized graphics to better simulate each customer’s facility. iFAN’s graphics allow customers to clearly pinpoint where their fans are located within the facility. iFAN’s graphics also enhance each fan’s visual appearance, aiding trouble shooting efforts, clarifying facility layout, and improving group fan control. iFAN is the next generation of fan control.

INTEGRATED: iFAN allows you to network up to 30 fans per standard configuration. Communication is established by “daisy chaining” the fans together via 4 wire conductor cables and connecting the last fan to the iFAN computer.

INTELLIGENT: iFAN software allows you to control fans individually, by zone and by facility. System functionality allows fans to be monitored and controlled by time settings, temperature settings or temperature variance. Interconnection with fire control system is also available.

INSTANT: iFAN includes a touchscreen computer with custom graphic display of your facility’s fan layout. Administrators can immediately and easily make operational adjustments. The system can also display a variety of performance statistics for each fan and archive the data for later reference or trend analysis.

INVALUABLE: iFAN ensures that operational and energy savings goals for your HVLS fans are realized. Fan speed cannot be randomly adjusted at the fan. Zone settings can address the unique operational and environmental conditions within separate areas of a facility. Key performance statistics can be measured. Real-time adjustments to your operation are now possible.

Available Options:

  • Fire Control System interface: Separate PLC control panel allows fans to be interconnected to a building fire control system.
  • Multiple Building Control: Fan control across multiple buildings from a central location.
  • Web View Option: Browser-enabled view and control of iFAN system.
  • Tablet Control: Control of networked fans with hand held wireless device.
  • Temperature Control: Speed control based upon ambient temperature.
  • External Wind Sensor: Fan shutdown based on wind speed (exterior applications only).
  • Exhaust Fan Integration: Allows control of building exhaust fans using iFAN control interface.
  • Additional Groups: Standard iFAN system includes up to four groups.

Turbo-ES™ Fan

Turbo-ES™ FanThe compact Turbo-ES™ Fan from APS Resource creates a focused column of air that forces hot, cold or musty air from the trailer replacing it with fresh air. Unlike traditional blade fans that create a broader movement of air, the Turbo-ES™ Fan creates a continuous stream of fresh air that improves the work environment increasing comfort and productivity. The Turbo-ES™ Fan’s 1275 CFM output provides more airflow at lower amperage than any comparable truck fan on the market!

Design Highlights

  • Maximum – 1275 CFM output
  • Powerful 1/3 HP, 120V, 3.0 Amp, energy efficient motor
  • Dual articulating arm for precise positioning (sold separately)
  • Easy-grip handle provides convenient adjustment point
  • Includes extra long 10′ power cord with 3-prong 120V plug
  • Thermally protected to prevent overheating

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