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Forklift Application Profiles

No Two Applications Are The Same

Modern is the premier forklift dealer and service organization in the Mid-Atlantic. We represent world class solutions designed for your needs of tomorrow, not just today. Our team is focused on providing the most comprehensive material handling solution for your organization to maximize your productivity and ROI.

Lane Enterprises

Modern profiles Lane Enterprises in Shippensburg, PA. Lane’s HDPE Division Manager Mark Dick explains how their new Hyundai 70D-9 forklifts provided by Modern Handling perform beyond expectations and deliver operators unmatched comfort during their busy workday.

Lane Enterprises specializes in partnering with customers from consultation to installation to providing highly engineered products for every stormwater management, water quality and small bridge application. Quality products, technical know-how, and the kind of customer service born from a true understanding of customers’ needs

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Rigidply Rafters, Inc

Modern Group profiles Rigidply Rafters, Inc in Richland, PA. Ryan Shirk represents the third generation operating this family owned business. Modern customers for 30 years they recently added several Hyundai 9-Series diesel trucks to their growing operation. It is amazing to consider where their business started: with a lot of pride and sweat to now were operators can go about their workday on a vast yard in climate controlled comfort.

Rigidply Rafters, Inc. is a family owned business that has been in continuous operation since 1954. In 1963, Rigidply Rafters, Inc. started manufacturing engineered, metal-plated wood trusses for roof and floor applications. Building on Rigidply’s reputation for outstanding quality and service, our first crane truck was put into service in 1964. Trusses could then be lifted directly from our truck to the roof or floor system. Rigidply’s unmatched quality, people and service continue today as Rigidply remains the premier truss supplier in the Northeast.

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Oldcastle Precast

Modern Group profiles Oldcastle Precast in Croydon, PA. Allen Reed explains why their Hyundai 9-Series trucks are a cut above the rest. Power, comfort, and an outstanding warranty delivers all day.
From cutting edge stormwater management systems to rapid bridge replacement, you can count on Oldcastle Precast to design, manufacture, and install quality solutions that last a lifetime. It is not just about building precast products, it is about providing cost-effective and comprehensive solutions that work. Engineers, project owners, and contractors are more than just our customers; they are our partners who share the same desire to build as we do.

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Toll Integrated Systems

Brian Hunter of Toll Integrated Systems explains why their growing fleet of Hyundai Material Handling trucks are putting their operation through the roof.

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Chambersburg Waste Paper

Modern Group profiles Chambersburg Waste Paper in Chambersburg, PA. The paper recycling industry demands equipment that can handle the harsh conditions both inside and outside the warehouse. CWP is focused on their environmental footprint, safety for their workers, and return on investment.

They knew this wasn’t an application for electric forklifts, until they used a BYD. The revolutionary 100% clean iron-phosphate battery chemistry, ergonomic advancements, and tough construction delivers the power of an LP truck with ultimate environmental protections. No overheating, a full 10+ hour shift leaving 25% left or more on the battery. The BYD is an absolute game changer, especially for industries once thought impossible for electric trucks to work in!

CWP is a full service company that is committed to developing partnerships with our customers to help them meet all of their environmental needs.

We process cardboard, paper of all grades, ferrous & non-ferrous metals, plastic, and wood at our Chambersburg facility.

We service printers, manufactures, distributors, municipalities, shredding companies, medical facilities, waste haulers, construction companies, retailers, and office buildings.

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