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Hyundai Construction Equip. For Contractors

A Hyundai Mini-Excavator Brings Innumerable Advantages To Your Business. From Unmatched Cost of Ownership, Safety and Operator Features, and 3 Year+ Warranty.

Perfect if you are working in confined spaces such as urban settings or maneuvering in sensitive landscapes. Hyundai Minis are compact, nimble machines that still give you plenty of power to get the job done.

Q1 Hyundai Subsidized Rates Are About to Expire

Take Advantage of Unbelievable Financing Options: Expiring After March 2016.

All Units:

  • 0% to 36 months
  • .9% for 48 Months
  • 1.9% for 60 Months
  • 2.5% for 72 Months

FMV Advantage lease with Hyundai assistance Low monthly payments.

FMV Advantage lease with Hyundai assistance Low monthly payments. *FMV lease 1500 hrs. a year and 60 months.

Operating is Believing: Schedule A Free Demo Of A Hyundai Mini-Excavator On Your Job Site

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Mini Excavators

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We Carry the Full Line of Hydraulic Crawler and Wheeled Excavators from Hyundai Construction.

3,747Lbs to 115,520Lbs

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We Carry The Full Line of Wheel Loaders From Hyundai Construction.
24000Lbs to 68800Lbs
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