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July 7, 2010

Generac’s Competitive Advantages
Product Innovation

  • Generac was at the forefront of the transition to digital controllers.
  • Generac was the first to certify the full product line to UL2200.
  • Developed the Modular Power Systems (MPS) for larger KW requirements. This provides a well thought out alternative to single large engine solutions. The benefits include higher reliability to critical loads, redundancy, and scalability, ease of installation, ease of maintenance, single source responsibility and ability to take single units off line for maintenance during extended power failures and maintain emergency power to critical loads.
  • Designed Bi-Fuel engine to operate on a combination of Natural Gas and Diesel fuel.
  • Designs and manufactures much of the internal components of their units. This provides a high degree of vertical intergration compared to competitive units thus reducing supplier stocking issues and reducing cost.
  • Developed the QT line of standby generator solutions for the light commercial market. All the right features at an attractive price point.

Because Quality Counts, Generac has
Focused on Improving Every Component


  • Some of the most technically advanced controllers in the industry.
  • Integration of several systems into a single controller.
  • Surface mount component technology minimizes effects of vibration.
  • Sealed in an aluminum case for environmental and electrical protection.
  • Sealed Plug Connections for a positive, reliable, and moisture proof connection.
  • 4-20 mA sensor inputs, noise immunity
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Data Logging and Trending
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Programmable PLC Logic
  • Communications Capable with configurable ports


  • Designed and manufactured to industry standards.
  • Machine Wound, Machine Inserted, Machine Varnished (Very consistent manufacturing process)
  • Ability to easily upsize alternators for increased motor starting and use with high harmonic loads.

Fuel Choices

  • Natural Gas, Liquid Propane and Diesel are available.
  • Generac builds the only Bi-Fuel (Natural Gas and Diesel) generator available in the market. This allows the user of on-site natural gas to supplement engine fuel requirements reducing the need for diesel fuel storage requirements by up to 80% for the desired run time.
  • Large Natural Gas fueled standby generator requirements can be solved utilizing Generac’s MPS system. This will translate into significant cost savings in the 300 KW and larger natural gas generator size range.

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