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Hyundai Forklift HyundaiWith impressive design, construction and standard features Hyundai’s range of electric, gas, and diesel forklifts deliver unrivaled capability, comfort, and value.

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 BYD Forklift Modern is the exclusive dealer for BYD Forklifts across the Mid-Atlantic. In short, there is simply nothing on the market which compares to lift trucks from BYD. At the core of this remarkable design is a revolutionary power source. Every BYD Forklift utilizes an iron phosphate battery, the same technology as what is powering your cell phone and laptop right now. What Does a BYD Forklift Deliver?
  • Dramatically Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • 100% Waterless Battery
  • Hours of Additional Operation on Single Charge
  • Fully Recharged In 90 Minutes
  • Dramatically Improved Battery Safety:
    • No Heating
    • No Venting
    • No Corrosion
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