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Why Modern Power Systems?

The Best Equipment
Modern Power SystemsWe carry the full line of Generac industrial standby power units: Mobile, installed, or containerized from 6 kW to 2mW. Generac controls every aspect of the supply chain during the sourcing and construction of each generator. A state of the art R&D center ensures the highest standards are rigorously held to. Before a design goes into production, it undergoes prototype testing to evaluate every aspect of the completed unit. The result is a solution designed for durability through the worst of conditions and performance whenever it is called upon.
The Best Flexibility
Modern Power SystemsOne solution never fits all. With on-board paralleling controls gensets of various outputs, fuel sources, and locations can be combined to deliver up to 100 mW of power with remarkable redundancy options. Fuel types can include traditional diesel, natural gas, and the only true bi-fuel system on the market.
The Best Design
Modern Power SystemsGenerac incorporated more than 50 years of power generation experience into Power Design Pro™ with the goal of making specifying generators as easy as possible. Power Design Pro incorporates state-of-the-art algorithms that accurately model a load’s true characteristics and includes full harmonic and transient analysis to ensure complete generator to load compatibility. This ability to accurately size and design generator solutions is unmatched by any other software in the industry.
The Best Partner
Modern Power SystemsYour standby power solution cannot be an afterthought in your project, nor is your selection of vendor. Modern Power Systems is New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania’s exclusive Generac Industrial Distributor. Our major service branches in Bristol, Pennsylvania and Edison, New Jersey command a mobile technician force covering our entire territory.

From our account representatives, to in-house engineers at the point of design, to the best technician team in the region for installation and maintenance, to outstanding parts availability: Modern Power Systems is built to be an invested and accountable stakeholder during every stage of your project.

Modern Power Systems is a proud member of Pennsylvania's COSTARS

Modern Power Systems is a proud member of Pennsylvania’s COSTARS. COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s cooperative purchasing program administered by the Department of General Services (DGS) Bureau of Procurement. The COSTARS Program provides registered local public procurement units as well as state affiliated entities (together “members”) and suppliers a tool to find and do business with each other effectively through the use of a contract established by DGS.

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