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Modern Power Systems Is The Exclusive Industrial Generac Generator Distributor For New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

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Sell Price

Generac6245   8kW HSB30001425268kw NG or LP$2,197
Generac6245   8kW HSB30001425288kw NG or LP$2,197
Generac7035 16kw HSB300346710016kw NG or LP$3,552
Generac7042 22kW HSB300359323922kw NG or LP$4,411
Generac7042 22kW HSB300359324022kw NG or LP$4,411
Generac7042 22kW HSB300361077222kw NG or LP$4,411
Generac7042 22kW HSB300362196922kw NG or LP$4,411
Generac7042 22kW HSB300362197022kw NG or LP$4,411
Generac7042 22kW HSB300362197122kw NG or LP$4,411
Generac7042 22kW HSB300362197222kw NG or LP$4,411
GeneracSD0050KG163.4D18HPNL3300195133350kw Diesel 480v, No Encl, 132 gal, 80A MLCB$15,597
GeneracSD0080GG174.5D18HPYY3300188063380kw Diesel 120/208, STD enclosure, 300A MLCB, 300GAL tank, remote ann$21,994
GeneracQT02524ANANA300170570025kw NG 240V, 1ph, Sound Alum, 125A mlcb$11,453
GeneracQT02524ANANA300172969625kw NG 240V, 1ph, Sound Alum, 125A mlcb$11,453
GeneracQT02524ANANA300172970225kw NG 240V, 1ph, Sound Alum, 125A mlcb$11,453
GeneracQT10068KNAC9669851100kw NG 480V, NG, Aluminum enclosure$22,337
GeneracRD03024GDSE844489230kw Diesel 208V, 3ph, steel, tank$12,376
GeneracRD03024GDSE844489330kw Diesel 208V, 3ph, steel, tank$12,376
GeneracRD05034KDSE844383450kw Diesel 480V, 3 ph, steel, tank$14,414
Generac6864 -XD500030023105335kw Gasoline$3,600
Generac6864 -XD500030023105445kw Gasoline$3,600
Generac6864 -XD500030023105455kw Gasoline$3,600
Generac6910 – Wheel kits for XD5000$129
Generac6910 – Wheel kits for XD5000$129
Generac6910 – Wheel kits for XD5000$129
Generac6954 GP8000E30035742698kw Gasoline$997
Generac6954 GP8000E30035742708kw Gasoline$997
Generac6954 GP8000E30035742718kw Gasoline$997
Generac6954 GP8000E30035742728kw Gasoline$997
Baldor15kW – GLC15M240P120208000515kW Baldor, NG, indoor, 120/240, 1ph$9,325


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Your standby power solution cannot be an afterthought in your project, nor is your selection of vendor. Modern Power Systems is New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania’s exclusive Generac Industrial Distributor. Our major service branches in Bristol, Pennsylvania and Edison, New Jersey command a mobile technician force covering our entire territory.

From our account representatives, to in-house engineers at the point of design, to the best technician team in the region for installation and maintenance, to outstanding parts availability: Modern Power Systems is built to be an invested and accountable stakeholder during every stage of your project.

For Electrical Contractors

Industrial Generator SalesWe know how to help you achieve the results you need to deliver the highest level of service for your customers. Our sales, service and engineering support can help coordinate everything from design to start-up, giving you clear options at every step of the way. 

Generac’s porfolio has taken the complexity out of generator paralleling with our Modular Power Systems (MPS)—a transformational technology that eliminates the expense and space requirements required with traditional paralleling solutions. In the past, you had to purchase pricey third-party switchgear and then find suppliers and electricians to set-up the system and make it work when you needed it. Modern can thus provide integrated paralleling, simplifying the entire system.

Modern Power Systems and Generac Industrial Power are the expert in natural gas generators as it is becoming the preferred solution in many applications. These units provide much longer runtimes, the permitting is easier, and they have 90% fewer emissions compared to diesel generators. In addition, there is virtually no maintenance associated with natural gas generators, while diesel fuel requires conditioning annually.

Bring Modern On To Your Next Project and Experience The Difference!
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As an Industrial Distributor Modern hosts a state of the art commercial and residential generator training center to support those dealers and contractors in our territory

For Electrical Engineers

Begin your design now: Generac Power Design Pro™Modern Power System’s in-house engineers, as well as Generac’s factory engineering teams, work with engineering firms large and small to be sure every detail of a design project is handled professionally and completely. Every project you work on is different, our expertise and resources are at your disposal to design that customer emergency electrical backup system that your client’s application needs. 

Begin your design now: Generac Power Design Pro™

The most powerful electrical and mechanical design and sizing tool on the market, Generac Industrial Power’s Power Design Pro™ is a one stop solution center for the consulting engineer.  In addition to state-of-the-art generator sizing and analysis, it includes spec sheets, installation drawings, emission information, exhaust sizer, and pad layout tool.
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Engineering Resources
Review all Generac Industrial Power resources From intelligent BIM files to helpful tools that enhance and expedite the design, sizing and spec writing process for today’s consulting and specifying engineers, Generac Industrial Power is dedicated to making the jobs of industry professionals easier than ever before.
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  • Rick Diolia – 215-347-4982 | diioiar [at]
  • Pete Gantz – 267-249-5192 | GantzP [at]

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