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Modern Power System’s technicians can provide a wide range of services and maintenance plans across your generator’s system. We are on call 24/7/365 for emergency repairs of generators. Increase your generator’s operational lives and reliability by bringing your equipment under a Planned Maintenance Agreement.

Modern Power System’s technicians are can provide a wide range of services and maintenance plans

Our Team Gets The Job Done

Mike Camacho

Northern New Jersey Aftermarket Service Rep

📱 201-390-6623

Mike Coyle

Pennsylvania Aftermarket Service Rep

📱 215-620-8129

Joe Collins

Industrial Generator Rental Manager

📱 215-539-3365

Raymond Gramenzi

South Jersey Aftermarket Service Rep

📱 732-340-7370

Garrette Peck

Maryland Aftermarket Service Rep

📱 443-542-7485

*For Emergency Service Please Call 1-800-404-7291

Our Services:

Emergency Repairs

Emergency Repairs

24/7/365 technician dispatching protecting the mid-Atlantic’s critical infrastructure from major weather and power interruption events. Our team deploys strategically to cover immediate repair needs as well as support the medium and long term generator maintenance demands which occur during prolonged power outages.

Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

Your 6-digit emergency standby power investment is only worth it if it starts when you need it. Generators require regular and precise maintenance to eliminate causes of startup failure. Is your current vendor doing everything possible to protect your investment and your organization?

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Remote Generator Monitoring

Remote Generator Monitoring

We provide remote generator monitoring through OmniMetrix. With LTE and satellite communication options, you’ll have a monitoring solution that can help prevent 95% of all generator start-up failures.

During Hurricane Sandy, 100% of Ocean County, New Jersey’s OmniMetrix Monitored Generators Started Without Failure.

Load Bank Testing

Load Bank Testing

Routine exercising of your generator does not stress it’s components to the same limits as during an actual power outage. That’s one of the reasons why you load bank test.

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Fuel Polishing

Fuel Polishing

Contaminants from water, sediment, algae and sludge naturally accumulate over time in your generator’s fuel tank. The result is clogged filters, corroded injectors and startup failure just when you need your generator most.

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Industrial Generator Rentals

Industrial Generator Rentals

A growing rental fleet of high kW towables and mW containerized gensets. We have the flexibility and expertise to manage your emergency or planned rental needs. Need supplemental power? Got that. Need additional load sharing during unit service? Got that too. “Provided By Modern” means you don’t have to worry about being left in the dark.

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