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SSI Scheafer

SSI Schaefer Systems designs and manufacture state-of-the-art intralogistic storage and picking solutions for all types of industries. These represent the cutting edge of automated warehousing, distribution, and logistical management systems. Modern Integrated Systems is your trusted partner to facilitate the deployment of SSI Schaefer solutions for your operation.


The SSI Autocruiser™ Conveying Solution is a powerful transport system that offers an economical alternative to bridge the gap between forklift transports and conventional conveyor technology. The system produces low to medium throughput rates, and is perfect for industrial manufacturing and assembly operations.
  • No centralized control system required
  • Universal loading platform for nearly all types of transport units
  • Energy savings of up to 70% as compared to fork-lift transport
  • Uncomplicated start-up with minimum training effort


The Orbiter System™ is a unique pallet shuttle vehicle used to increase the efficiency, performance and safety of a deep channel storage solution. It consists
 of an automated shuttle vehicle and a docking station. Together, the Orbiter docking station and the Orbiter shuttle vehicle form a single unit that can be moved throughout the warehouse.
  • Operates with any existing conventional forklift
  • Intelligent charging technology for more efficient, continuous operation
  • Highly efficient pallet throughput with a relatively low degree of automation and minimal investment costs
  • Problem and maintenance-free operation in cold storage environments


The LogiMat® Vertical Lift Module is an automated storage and retrieval system. It significantly increases the performance and efficiency of your storage and order picking processes, while reducing expensive floor space.
  • Compact design reduces energy and storage costs
  • Minimizes order picking errors through computer controlled processes
  • Decreases the travel time for storing and picking by more than 70%
  • Modular assembly adapts easily to your conditions


Mobile Racking is a conventional, selective pallet rack mounted on carriages which moves on rails embedded into the concrete floor. It offers more pallet location storage than drive-in racking, pallet-flow and VNA racking, and can be used with traditional forklifts or in conjunction with AGV systems. 
  • Remote control for rack aisles
  • Automatic forklift release
  • Switchgear cabinet
  • Security of global system area with access light barriers


Trackless Mobile Racking solves the need to increase
storage space for light to medium weight materials without affecting the floor surface. A series of shelving moves parallel to one another and requires only a single operating aisle for access to all items stored. The large number of racking aisles saved this way lower costs significantly.
  • Remote control for rack aisles
  • Automatic forklift release
  • Switchgear cabinet
  • Security of global system area with access light barriers
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