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Wind Storm Reponse

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Modern Equipment & Supply is here to support the arborists of South Jersey as the recovery from last week’s wind storms continue. Our team is on call for expedited equipment sales, 24/7 emergency road service, and same day parts availability.

Equipment In Stock
Bob PelouzeCell: 609-685-4581
Paul VanNockerCell: 609-353-7070

Ron Dortone Sr.

Cell: 267-718-7287
Ron Dortone Jr.Cell: 609-314-1247
Sam MauryCell: 717-682-4236
Modern Central Parts carries one of the largest Bandit parts inventories in the nation with support for all other major brands as well, from Carlton to Vermeer. We are on call for immediate parts pickup at our Bristol, PA location plus next day shipping is available for all orders.
We have everything you need to keep your equipment running no matter the make or model!
  • Anvils
  • Adjusting Bolts
  • Chute Jacks
  • Diesel Treatment
  • Drive Belts
  • Feed Wheel Motors and Couplers
  • Filters
  • Flippers
  • Murphy Switches / Tattletales
  • Nuts
  • Tongue Jacks
  • Winch Cables
  • Winch Rope
  • Yoke Springs
  • And More!
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