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Modern Warehouse Products


The Modern Difference 

Modern is your authorized Kelley Entrematic dealer and Warehouse Product Experts. We can help your business reach its potential by designing and installing the optimal layout for your warehouse. We can help you manage new installation or handle a wide assortment of repair/retrofitting services through Modern’s Dock & Door and Warehouse Experts. Call a Modern professional today to help design a fully optimal warehouse and for all your other dock and door, warehouse needs.

Husky Rack and Wire

  • Industrial Storage
  • Secure Storage and Wire Cages
  • Safety Guarding


  • Pallet Rack
  • Specialized Storage


  • Wire Partitions and Cages
  • Pallet Rack Safety Systems
  • Machine Guarding
  • Protective Railings
  • Storage Lockers

APS Resourcing

  • Lighting
  • Protective System
  • Door Panels
  • Weather Seals
CWS Dealer Council